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Thread: Custom Die Cut Decals - 20+ Colors To Choose From - FULL COLOR ALSO AVAILABLE

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    Custom Die Cut Decals - 20+ Colors To Choose From - FULL COLOR ALSO AVAILABLE

    Full Color Printing

    Full color printed stickers and banners are now available. No minimum order is required. Stickers are priced per order, PM or email for a quote. Full color banners start at $5 per square foot and includes hem tape and grommets. Grommets can be placed at any desired location. Email or PM the size and design for a quote. Printing and cutting is all done in house; no subcontractors.


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    Standard Cut Vinyl

    Work can be cut up to 50" in height and as long as you want. All vinyl is rated at four year outdoor life unless otherwise noted. Note that standard colors are usually stocked in 12" or 24" rolls but larger rolls can be ordered.

    Sample pictures can be seen HERE

    Custom Vinyl

    Post your idea or picture here, or PM me with the details. To provide you with the fastest quote I need to know size, color, quantity and your idea (text or image). Below I have examples of work that I have completed and how they began.

    Custom text
    Text: Somich Army
    Font: Pricedown
    End Product:

    Custom Vinyl from an image. Image provided and the final product.

    Cut Vinyl Colors

    Pre-designed designs can be found at - Vinyl Decals
    Orders can be placed through my site or you can PM an order list.

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    JT, Event, Dye I4, VForce Profiler and Sly Profit Lens Vinyls
    HK lens vinyls are not available for sale, these are used as examples for custom work.
    Dye I4 Frame Trim also available in predone and custom made patterns as well as JT Flex bottoms.

    Pre-designed patterns - $8
    Custom patterns - $12-15

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    $2 shipping will be added to all orders no matter how large or small the quantity. All orders are shipped USPS First Class. USPS Priority shipping can be added to an order for a flat rate of $5.50, if you do not mention adding Priority mail to the order shipping for First Class will be applied. Flat rate shipping is not available for shipping on banners and large print work.

    AIM: Bulletproof7184

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