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Thread: Okay I want to release it Open Source, need some help on what that means

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    Good stuff about the different licenses, this brings me a lot of clarity re: open source.

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    I would avoid MIT and stick with GPL V2 or V3 for the firmware. Not sure about the board layout, though Arduino use CC-by-sa.

    To echo what Lurker said earlier, don't let the cat out of the bag unless you're happy with it moving in with the neighbours across the street. Fabbing quality boards, always having stock, trademarks, and making the original product known really help however.

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    Thanks for all the feedback, it's exactly what I needed and was looking for.

    I have decided to go with the Creative Commons licence for everything.

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    I will eventually be moving to a CC license for GCode also. I'm just more familiar with GPL and traditional open source / free software licenses.

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