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Thread: Inception Supporting member and businesses badges...

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    Ahh, you are on a phone... please try it from a computer

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    Or try clicking the link at the bottom that says go to the full site, and try that way please

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    It works after clicking full site

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    What's up Simon, Played with you at the pump event at the Ranch in Whittier, u are a chill guy, keep up the great work you do. Supporting!

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    That pump day was awesome! I had no plans to go until I had already left my house and headed to a wedding in Southern Cali, it was a random message from Derrick asking me if I wanted to play that got me there. Now I am trying to work out if I can get back for the one at the end of the year, but this time have my own gear with me. It's always tough playing with other people's gear

    It was great to meet everyone also, and I really appreciate everyone that took time to talk with me about what's going on. I really appreciate that you came here and joined up and are supporting the forums.

    If you take that picture and post it with you first name in the introduction section, that will get you access to the "Insiders" section which gets even more interesting and where you will likely see the stuff I am up to first

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    I like paintball.

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    Now with added bling and animation!

    Thanks to everyone for the support! Lots more coming...

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