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Thread: Proflexs and Dye I4s

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    Proflexs and Dye I4s

    I have a Design but I don't really want it to get out until I get some feedback by people that I can trust, Please post something that will help me know I can trust you and then I will PM you a pic of my design.

    Sorry for the vagueness, but I can only be so safe online.

    I am 17 and started using Solid Works last year for a Robotics competition called B.E.S.T. I am taking classes for Solid Works and AutoCAD at my local community college and so far everything is going great!

    I had this idea for a few years now and I know have the resources to actually make it!

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    What sort of design are you thinking? I know someone posted a flex/i4 crossover on Peanutbutter Nation.

    I've done design with the Ego Pumps, Curt's DNA boards and a bunch of other projects.
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    Simon Stevens said that will be totally fine and nothing bad could ever happen. Ever.

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    the name is sorta vague but there are 2 things i am designing but both have the same idea, I see you around on this site a lot so i'm going to send you a pic of what i'm doing.

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    Welcome to the forums

    Please be aware that anything you share with anyone without having a legal document like a MNDA could affect your rights to what you are doing.

    If you really want to keep it secret you need to keep that in mind.

    If you want to share it a little more privately than in the open forums, then the "Insiders Projects" section may be a good place to discuss with people but not let the whole world see it. To get access to those forums you have to introduce yourself to the group in the introductions section.

    I wish you the best of luck with your project

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    Thank you Simon!

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