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Thread: DNA for RC-applications?

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    DNA for RC-applications?

    Just out of curiosity, and because currently flying RC planes is much more frequent for me than playing paintball, are there any actual ideas what to use the DNA for in RC-applications?

    Of the top of my head I'm thinking of a really customizable servo sequencer, multi-motor esc (with a daughter board for each motor probably), multi-copter control board (that would be a biig project, and there are several nice products already, not sure if this board has the computing power to handle this).

    Any more ideas from anyone? This just might be the push I need to leave the cozy world of high-level java/c#-programming and dive into the mysterious world of embedded systems (hey, wrote at least 200 lines of assembler and C in college :-)

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    Supports Inception Designs
    One of my first projects when I get my Biplane back in the air (had a rough landing, minor damage)

    Which is, incidentally, the biplane you see in my workshop (my last video has a pretty good veiw of it):

    Is to add a throttle-governor for it using the DNA board. it is a gasser which has hideously non-linear throttle response, but electronic ignition with RPM sense! So I plan to digitize that signal and use the DNA board as lineraizer/governor. It will take the throttle input from the radio and turn it into an RPM setting rather than a throttle setting

    Dunno if it will work, but sure hope so.

    I will also be using it in my TC-3 for something, but haven't decided what yet. I have a long passion for R/C and will definitly help anyone who wants to use the DAN board for that, I specifically put a .1" plug on the bottom wired for a servo/radio channel!

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