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Thread: z2 backbone in v1 or v2 shells

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    z2 backbone in v1 or v2 shells

    Ok so I know this has been answered before, but I wasn't sure I fully understood the answer...

    What I have is a V2 that keeps breaking the feedneck tabs off of the front portion of the shell. What i'm wanting to do is put the Z2 backbone inside of my V2, because I personally like the molded in feedneck, and still use the V2 guts. is it possible?

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    I want to use the v2 shell

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    You would need to cut the shell feednecks off.

    Then use the Z2 backbone, raceway and floor. You could get away with just the back bone IIRC but it helps to have the floor and raceway to prevent any piece moving out of alignment and causing jams.

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    ok cool, i'll give that a try... i don't mind cutting the shell necks off since mine keep snapping anyway,

    Thanks Simon

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