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Thread: Lets see some firearms

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    the VP9 was one of the other contenders but I wanted the higher magazine capacity more than anything

    I have not gotten to hold a VP9 yet but the grip does look very ergonomic
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    The grips are nice, but the VP9 trigger is amazing for a striker. It is a very nice gun overall and will likely be my next.

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    Being from the UK bit limited in what we can have.
    I've got a 3 shot semi 153 Baikal 12 gauge,
    Beretta 692 12 gauge,
    CZ .22 style,
    Daninject tranquiliser rifle,
    .38 smith and Wesson single shot, Humane killer.
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    Have you guys handled a Walther PPQ M2? If you like the VP9, I think you'll love the PPQ M2. Everyone that's compared the two side-by-side agrees that the PPQ trigger is better. I think it just might be the best factory striker trigger. The PPQ also fits my hand a bit better although I wish it had the paddle mag release like the H&Ks. I'm waiting to see if they end up releasing a fancier version like it's been hinted. Otherwise, it'll just get a Apex trigger.

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    Hay man could you please Hit me up i woild like to talk with you Bro

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