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Thread: E-Flex / I-4 (rant)

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    I have had minimal problems with most goggle systems and my glasses. I tend towards smaller frames though, usually pretty minimal titanium or half-rimmed or both. If you rock massive frames made of plastic and cover your entire FOV, it'll be a harder sell I imagine.

    Tho I wonder, thinking now, if having glasses, the rims and arms really do kinda limit ones peripheral vision. So it seems that getting contacts or lasik would be pretty awesome for someone who plays a lot.

    That said, yeah... E-Flex/E-Vents are pretty awesome. I plan to keep the ones I've got as long as I can.

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    Have been wearing glasses since starting playing paintball in 95. Easily can say JT has been the best so far but have used E-Flex for the past few seasons and they are also great.
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    Are lenses still available for VForce goggles? My old carbon style Shield is still my favorite...
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    For the profiler and grill, they just recently released the new HD lenses, so those should be available at a minimum. I thought the shield (or maybe the armor?) were compatible with the Profiler lens.

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    try on the new Virtue Vio Extend goggles with a chromatic lense. I love my e-flex but damn those things are nice. No need to double stap them and they manage to stay off my nose enough that I can breathe...

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    I do like the looks of this mask.

    When Wicked Sports gets some in I'm going to have to go see if the specs fit ok in them......

    Quote Originally Posted by TheBoss33 View Post
    Ruffly the same coverage as the eFlex.

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