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Thread: Let's put Cockerpunk on the spot

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    Which is similar to how I tend to think that whether or not free will ultimately exists, within the level of reality at which we reside, it effectively does exist. I'd hold to that even if we could perfectly predict everything all the time. That's partly because I don't think libertarian free will even holds up as a coherent concept.

    But that actually doesn't make any sense, really... . Free will comes under the broader umbrella of the nature of consciousness, which also has a bunch of theories and no real consensus even on definitions let alone details.
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    I never did get the debate I wanted.
    wish you could have.

    was browsing my old collection pics, brought me here.
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    In going back to re-read the thread, it was much better than I gave it credit for at the time. I do wish I played more paintball today. I also know that there's a pretty good chance that if I did, I would take the Azodin. I would have more fun, I'd have something likely no one else is going to take on the field, it is stupid light and easy to swing around, and the sound is distinct. There was a moment, around maybe 2015, when I thought about selling it. I have no idea what I was thinking - it has a value far higher than its price.

    Also, it still isn't cool to anyone else.

    (That all said, I so wonder if my feelings would be different if the Eclipse Emek had been the hot industry standard mech gun 10 years ago. I think they would, but no way to know.)

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