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Thread: Outline files for Inception Gun Bodies

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    So one of these sleds should do the trick, right?

    I am thinking of waiting and getting my hands on shorter of the two versions..... hopefully I am lucky....

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    Wish these came with matching fb's

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    They come with the squarer 2k+ front block and a vert or 15* asa cut at the top to match the gun body.

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    Hmm I am just wondering if anyone else has a lead on the midblock bolts and sleds.. I am looking for 3 delrin ones; if anyone knows someone that is producing them i am sure that you will make many of us very happy .

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    When the 3rd no-caboose midblock Krypto body is released, would it be possible to commission a little extra millwork on it? Probably looking to add in the body window in the front and something else

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    You could buy a raw one and commission someone else to do that for you, but it's not something we can offer at this point in time. The time and cost for us to do that is just too high for one off's. We typically can't justify doing custom milling until we get to 20+ bodies.

    Vital modifications on Facebook or Vintage paintball may be options to consider, or make a thread here asking if anyone can do it for you.

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    Simon Is it possible to get outline for FLE Autococker body?

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