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Thread: Standardized barrel threads (Autococker)

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    Sorry to revive a really old thread, but I was curious about all the barrels in my gear bag currently so I decided to take a look.

    The thread width for "quick threads" is .340."

    What I measured:
    Eclipse old style: .370"
    Lurker 1-piece (the one I shoot most): .295"
    Ultralite: .285"
    Shaft 5: .205"

    So, based on what I've seen the "quick threads" are actually longer than what most barrels use. The shaft 5 came out after this thread, but it is the shortest of all and is significantly shorter than the "quick thread" spec. So I have to ask... why is the modified design as long as it is? It seems like we'd want to be close to the shaft 5 length for a standard. No idea what the body side looks like on the new eclipse guns, but I assume they're similar to the body-side spec in this thread.

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    The length of the threaded section is pretty much irrelevant other than having enough threads to make sure no-one can strip it. It's the distance it starts from the back of the barrel that is important. That's the point at which they begin to engage.

    The "quick threads" were also designed to maintain compatibility with all the other gun bodies and barrels we could find at the time.

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    Oh, ok. I can see that now. I'll re-measure later. So what is important on the body side.

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    On the body it's how far out from the shoulder inside the gun that the threads start at. With guns like the Axe we cut a recess back before the threads so the engagement point was closer to the shoulder, that means you need less turns of the barrel. With the Autocockers it's not so possible to do that. The same barrel may be 1.5 turns on an Axe but 3 or more on an Autococker IIRC.

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