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Thread: Iron Patriot? / American Flag? / America - F-Yeah???

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    wowee kazowee is that pretty! Congratulations on the lovely build.

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    Apr 2012
    Ordinarily I am not really one to go nuts over odd anodizing themes or what have you... but... I literally gasped and lost my breath when I scrolled to the progress shot showing the assembled marker.

    Stunning. Amazing build!

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    Can't believe I didn't see this before, I think that's just a sign of how busy I have been!

    This is awesome.

    Can I use the photo's to show everyone via our social media?

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    Sorry for the late response. Ive been scaling back my forum participation - in general on all sites.

    Here is an update. I still have a couple more things left lol....

    When its done done.... Ill take another with the Stella installed this time...

    Quote Originally Posted by Simon View Post
    I'm using your picture on our Social media today. Seemed fitting

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    Very nice. I'm not American but still love the whole patriotism thing from my vacations there. Something we in the UK definitely don't have

    Enjoy your marker

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    The jewelling on that barrel is awesome, and it's great to be able to see the workings inside of the clear pump handle. Very cool!

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    Sorry been off awhile.

    Finally finished this build.

    Got smooth clear grips added. Now its completely done (not shown with Stella barrel)

    and the reason for the clear grips (hopefully it is clear enough):

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    Sorry. First time publishing a video. How is this?

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