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Thread: Round Body Merlin CAD file (solidworks)

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    Round Body Merlin CAD file (solidworks)

    Since I was taught to share by parents I have something to share with the creative minds here. Its a round body merlin that I made in solidworks. I also saved it as a parasolid (x.t). I pulled all dimensions from a Break Beam prototype I bought off Aaron Alexander (AKA). I have left a few things off of it. I have made several fumctional merlins from the files below, but use at your own risk.

    The two files in the link above:

    RAW round body merlin.SLDPRT
    RAW round body merlin.x_t

    Simon, feel free to host them on here if you like.
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    Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing it.

    I'll grab it and host it too when I get chance.

    When you machined your merlin did you design up fixtures or just do it as a one off in a vice? I'm getting my 5 axis trunnion set up and I really want to make a fixture system so I can easily swap on set ups for different gun bodies. That's my goal at least.

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    I run two vises with two fixtures in each currently. Here is my old fixture:

    My new one is very similar but uses pins that locate in the hammer lug pocket and ASA air holes. With bolts using the Valve set screw, and two frame screws. I have a design for a better fixture I want to do down the road. It will have a manifold that bolts onto the body, the manifold then bolts onto a universal block. The mainfolds would all have the same locating pin hols and bolt patterns when bolting onto the universal block, but a different manifold for a different type of gun. Like the viking and excalibur i'm working on.

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    Nice. I am working on my universal system right now. I'll have a base plate mounted to the 5 axis platter, then a block that mounts to it for the bottom of the gun body and blocks with pins that slide into the main bores from each end. I'll post up pictures once I get them sorted out. The gun body blocks could then also be removed and a fixture for frames located onto the base plate etc.

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    How can I get the round body merlin files now?

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