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Thread: PM spam

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    Another one, user name: Porgasi

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    Yea, just got it today. Differnt message though then ydna's

    Quote Originally Posted by porgasi
    Hello! I want to share and teach you how to read mind. It will help you look at life and communication from the different point of view. Do you want to find out what you friend really thinks about you? It is not difficult. Look at this on my website

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    He was banned. I wonder why he could still send PM's?

    I deleted him completely. Hopefully that fixes it

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    I received the same today pm FYI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Engineer View Post
    I received the same today pm FYI.
    also got it

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    I got it as well.

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    I got it too that day. The funny thing is that the second most recent PM was from the same person a few months ago.

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    More PM spam from user crysolin

    Quote Originally Posted by crysolin
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