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Thread: Honest Thoughts on the Machine Vapor?

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    I'm not chasing APE (it's my friend's gun after all) - but I will tell him to do so. The BPS is measured as an average between 3 Virtue Clocks.

    Tank pressure is 500PSI indicated, 515PSI actual. Theoretically in the butter zone.

    QC is - by the looks of it - non existent. Sad really, but you've got two sides to the QC coin - people like Planet have their QC down to a tee. Machine.... not so much.
    Funny you should say about the eyes - his went last night. Even with the eyes on, it still cycles.

    My advice to him would be to play with it for a day, make a nice video about him shooting it, and put it up for sale without a guarantee. I reckon he'll get 50 for it.

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    For that price I would buy it, just for the spares hahahahaha If he doesn't want the hassle, it's a good a idea to sell it. If he needs any tech info, I gladly help him.

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    The burrs were an issue when they started being unboxed. They were shredding some and missing others out of the box. That's what you get I guess when you don't even assemble them in house. You would hope lessons learned would solve some issues, but looks like not enough of them.

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    I would never touch anything from Machine after Spurlock screwed over the Zodiac guys. Just about everything this guy touches turns to shit. - Home of the bad, bad automag people.

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