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Thread: The OT thread V1

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    The avalanche is a unibody on frame like a suburban.

    The 01-05ish explorers are body on frame as well they sat on ranger frames. I know the next gen from 06 to whenever still had body mounts for a frame so I assume they weren't integrated either no idea on the newest ones though.
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    Toyota 4Runner and light truck is what i was referring to. Not Honda's or none-Ford Mazdas

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    Shoulda gone for some kart wheels.
    I don't know, fly casual

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    It can't be functional, I don't know where the engine would go and clearly you can't turn the wheels...

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    someone turned off clipping
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    So i have the 944 up for sale right, mostly because i don't want to always be fixing the damn thing anymore.

    so i take it the MNVW track day (those poor poor front tires). because hey, its a 944 its my "VW"

    i take it out for its first run, ~20 minutes, and its driving fantastic. the clutch type diff in back, just makes you able to control the slip angle telepathically. want 1 degree more slip? ok. want 1 degree less slip? ok. cars pulling well, handling fanatically, about the only thing im not pleased with is the brakes. they are just OEM pads on stock brakes, and the car is a fat pig (3200lbs) so makes sense. but man, just driving super well. and i keep thinking to myself, i should just keep this car, its such a fantastic drive.

    as im comming off the track the oil pressure was around 3 bar the whole time out on track, and im like, thats plenty. and then when it goes to idle the oil pressure drops to about 10psi .... eek im thinking. but i take it for a cool off lap, and it bumps back up to 18ish psi without a problem. so nice, didn't kill it right?

    as im pulling it into its parking spot in grid i can hear it off the other cars, and it sounds like a bucket of bolts, just making a racket of terrible sounds.

    pull the hand brake, pop the hood, its making a bunch of messy terrible sounds. im like shit, i spun a bearing and this thing is dead. suicide by trackday.

    turn the car off, and the starter is just running, even with key out. well, thats a good sign actually, the solinoid in the starter probably overheated (its right under the exhaust, really hot in there), and is stuck on. so i pull the hot wire off the starter, we push start it, everything running great.

    i take it back out on track, just doing awesome. the car is so controlable, its just playful. my mr2 is serious business all the time. there is no fun, there is just winning. its such a serious car, enter 1mph too fast, your fucked. fiddle with the throttle mid corner, your fucked. hold the trail brake too long, your fucked. its a serious car, to be driven seriously. the 944, is like a big old black lab. the one who is just happy to see anyone. so forgiving, so manageable, and so easy to drive to the limit. it just beautiful to drive. its not nearly as fast, but just so much fun to drive fast.

    im taking my friends and some students out in it, just push starting it each time, no biggie. and then on my last run, im chasing a friend in his built 350z, and the power just cuts out. i push in the clutch and its gone, nothing. i go for the starter while i roll into the grass, nothing obviously.

    i pull over, pop the hood, looking though things, no leaks, still has all its fluids, all the boost lines look good, the ignition wires all are fine, no issues. then i wiggle the speed and refernce sensor harness plugs, and one of them is loose, i plug it back in, push start it with my student, fires right up.

    and now im just sitting here like .... man, i know it broke down on me twice last night, but jesus i want to keep that car.

    and thats how true love happens. i want to sell it because it always breaks on me. it breaks on me twice in one night .... and i still want to keep it. men are not rational creatures. the sooner we realize this, the sooner we are free of angst.
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    I liked it. Never sell her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurker27 View Post
    I never liked it. Sell her.
    Lurker is right. Sell it.
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    BTW, I'm pretty sure all the Sport Tracs were body-on-frame "real" trucks. Word on the Ford street is that the new Rangers and Broncos will be as well. We'll see how that comes through, though.

    In other news, I acquired an Inception 45 slider frame this weekend, with the autotrigger cam. While I'm wildly tempted to AT my Resurrection, I'm thinking the cam setup will go in the parts box until I can spring for a Drift kit for said Ressy. Best of both worlds that way.

    At least until a new body goes on there. I may have a problem.
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