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Thread: The OT thread V1

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    So another post whinging about forums going away:

    I found r/old_recipes and have been perusing... The lack of ways to filter or sort is depressing. This is not the right medium to store and categorize recipes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cockerpunk View Post
    a discussion isn't a comparison of who can be more polite

    diesel is done, if it wasnt done before dieselgate, and it was, its dead as a doornail now.

    the Europeans have abandoned it vis a vis development efforts, its over
    Not saying you are wrong that all IC engines are done but diesel is going to be the last to die. All the freighting and movement across the world by ship and by plane (if you want to count jet fuel as diesel I would) Going to be a lot longer before battery powered freight carrying ships are crossing the pacific, or for electric powered planes in comparison to regular daily drivers. I am waiting to see what the overland freight is going to do, you see the new electric trucks, it is going to be interesting to see how they restructure the interstate to handle that when needed.

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    OT OT: I took my DM9 to the field yesterday and developed an HPR recharge issue in the middle of the day. I took apart the regulator and found that the large piston oring was worn away to almost a D cross-section. I think that's the first time I ever replaced that oring since I got the gun.

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    D cross section is NG for proper function. Can confirm.

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