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Thread: The OT thread V1

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    Quote Originally Posted by cockerpunk View Post
    eh, i've been told by hundreds of different second amendment will not questioned folks insane things from they think there ar15s are going to protect them from the government, to literally any inconvenience to buying a gun, is too high a price to pay to control gun violence.

    again, not my words, the words of the crazies, of which there are millions, hell there are 4.5+ million NRA members alone.

    we are not dealing with sane and rational people when we talk guns. if we were, we probably wouldn't have the gun violence problems that we do.
    I know you have- I've seen the same arguments. But, that doesn't mean there isn't room to talk. You have to hold onto this thought: the extreme positions (left or right) in our democratic society will never provide workable solutions for the majority. This applies to gun control or, any other aspect of society. There's a spectrum of thoughts that can be discussed.

    For example- As you know, I'm a gun owner. I've been (and still am) an independent, historically voted democratic and in the last election I voted for Johnson. I'm not affiliated with any firearms (nor firearms industry) groups. I believe I have the right to firearms for the protection of myself and my family. I don't believe that right is limitless but, this is a right, and I believe that all restrictions of rights must pass the highest levels of scrutiny.

    I'm open to the idea of a gun license / registration process but, it would have to be done correctly and it would have to be maintained appropriately (i.e. policies updated for new technologies, situations, etc). One concern that causes me to raise an eyebrow about this is the risk of such a database turning into a seizure tool. On one hand, I could say that contrary to what tons of 2A folks thought about Obama being president, I never thought for a moment that he (by extension) was going to seize my guns, regardless of what he actually would want to do. The legal / political framework just wasn't there. But, there have been cases in recent history, of gun seizure (to include compulsory forfeiture), and identity publication. If we build such a framework, we need to ensure that it can't be used in the future by those that want to effectively eliminate the 2A or render it meaningless (just as there are those who are fervent 2A supporters, there are just as fervent anti-2A supporters).

    And speaking of insanity and firearms- a lot of firearms owners (like myself) believe that those who are 'insane' (more specifically those that have been psychologically found to be at risk of harming themselves and others) should not have access to firearms. This is one of those things that pretty much reads as "common sense". Unfortunately, executing this gets complicated real quick. Mental health advocates don't want their patients stigmatized or otherwise have their rights reduced. Lawful, and non-risky gun owners don't want their rights restricted. While other folks believe that this puts too much power in the medical community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironyusa View Post
    It wasn't an insult. You're too sensitive. You've insulted gun advocates and republicans so if you can dish it out, I'd have assumed you could take it.

    Your statement I quoted is based on your relative interpretation of insanity. You can't "reach people" because your argument is based on a worldview others don't share and isn't supported by facts.
    pointing out your lack of point because you had to insult me instead of provide a counter point is just argument 101.

    i'd love to see a case made that people who advocate for crazy gun policies, even if they are safe gun owners and operators themselves, are a-ok.

    the problem isn't them, its what there policies allow.
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    Gordon, your statements have 0 weight. They're just your opinions and yet you keep trying to argue like there's even a shred of merit. It's not a point, counterpoint. It's you spouting your opinion in the most confrontational and pompous way possible. There's nothing to debate. "Crazy gun policies" isn't a position or even an argument. Literally everything you've done so far is a contradiction. You call opposing views "insane" and whine like I'm insulting you when I point out the relativity of your statement. Sounds an awful lot like bigotry.
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    On another note... 5 year old water heater decided to start leaking last night. Thankfully I installed water sensors in both of the catch pans and it started beeping last night. Called the number and they told me to bring it to lowes for a replacement. At least the CS was good for a faulty product.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
    I heard porpoise/dolphins feeding last night, in the ICW (intercoastal waterway) the other night. Surprised me a bit. That is all.
    Are you being serious?

    If so, that sounds (no pun intended) delightful.

    To the other contestants of the last several pages, does this sort of sparring cause you to be lengthily (or at all) angry at one another?

    Seems that most times on a political riff, people wear it (and each other) out, and then there are a lot of red faces and clenched fists at the end.

    And later still the talk returns to everyday things, and a kind of habitual peace descends.

    There have been some heated things stated here. Presumably you are speaking out of a place of real passion, either for your beliefs, or for the hope of scoring points, or both. Do you stay angry at one another, or is it a kind of non-visceral trash talk? If there is real hostility, does the pugilistic process ramp it up, or burn it out of your systems, or both?

    I'm genuinely curious.
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