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Thread: The OT thread V1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt131Steck View Post
    How silly would this rule look in actual real sports?

    If the yankees were scoring too many runs part way trough the season, so MLB forced yankees to use smaller bats and gave them 2 outs a Ining istead of three, but their oppornets were still allowed the larger bat and a extra inning, lol just to make the competitive atmosphere "balanced".

    What if Chicago aftershock players were allowed to shoot 13bps instead of the 10.5 like everyone else? Just because they werent performing well?

    Its a silly concept.
    Quote Originally Posted by PBSteve View Post
    I think BoP in paintball looks more like a ROF we already have. The idea is to equalize the equipment.
    or a salary cap?
    "the fact is, Jack Rice and team make a paintball gun, that works, and works pretty well actually. I think that says everything that needs to be said about the state of paintball gun engineering"

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    Or revenue sharing as in the NFL
    And the science gets done, and you make a neat gun, for the people who are still alive.

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    Yea there is salary caps in mlb and nfl and revenue sharing, that that isnt a equivlent here.

    From the explantion earlier, Bop alows better performence specs for teams woth poor finishes and caps or takes away performence from cars winning, not taxing teams who make money or how much they spend. You said they gave the ford gt more aero and boost and etc to allow them to compete better, not allow ford to spend more money.

    So maybe a better analogy would be giving the Dodgers bigger bats then their competitors since they are the worst in the league at scoring and need help balancing the competitve atmosphere.

    I stand by my paintball anology, Aftershock is struggling the most in nxl, the bop would allow their guns have specs to better perform in the spirit of "sport".

    Silly Rule.

    If they want a even playing field, truly, if "sport" is what they cared about, then there would be a model car with aero and engine specs that every racing team would match. But then its mostly about the driver and their strategy, not what the brand porsche and its "engineering", like they would like you to think now. That Porsche is so good, they have to "slow their car" so other teams can keep up, lol.

    Its not about competition, its about the expensive sport car manufactorers showing off their brand and "equipment" for a # of hours worth of advertising and this Bop is designed to keep even the worst of brands from being embarassed and saving face, since they are buying advertising aswell.

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