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Thread: The OT thread V1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
    Go = drive.

    I have had my license suspended, but the DMV did not tell the police this. I had to go to a regional center show them a piece of paper, and they dropped all charges against it. Basically, it was a fuck up, but a clerical one on their part.

    And suspended license is incredibly easy to get out of. You nust post-pone your court date till you are reinstated (least short term) and pay the restoration fee. The courts automatically downgrade the suspension ticket to driving without documents. You pay the fine & court costs and drive on out of there.
    This is seriously messed up. Sorry, but that just seems so wrong.

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    I don't see what the problem is. In America, just don't be poor. If you are poor, just don't let any accidents happen, including those out of your control. And then pull yourself up by your bootstraps. It's not hard but it's also much easier to be born to rich parents. I don't know why people don't do this more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by new ion? View Post
    This is seriously messed up. Sorry, but that just seems so wrong.
    So, are you saying that a loop-hole is wrong? Most businesses, tax laws and furtunes are founded on loop-holes. I haven't done the 2nd part in like 20 years. The 1st part was a shock that wasted almost an entire day straightening out (the drive up, the long assed wait in the regional center) only to get a liece of paper that said i literally did everything correct and it was a clerical error.

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    i read somewhere that its the same chemical released in your brain over being nervous or being excited.

    and it makes sense ... im a bit of both.
    "the fact is, Jack Rice and team make a paintball gun, that works, and works pretty well actually. I think that says everything that needs to be said about the state of paintball gun engineering"

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