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Thread: The OT thread V1

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    Yea the red text is just kind of screaming errors to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurker27 View Post
    Sucks, sorry man
    Well, sliver linings and all - apparently it's not illegal to lock it up with detcord.
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    So maybe I should start a new thread for this, but I'm curious - when changing tools in a CNC mill, how do you know/measure the tool length/position? I did a quick google search the other day and I didn't see anything that mentioned it.

    Long story short, having fun following a 3D printing build where the guy talks about tool changing and is building it so that he can do just that, but I feel like he might not be taking all prior knowledge on the matter into consideration.

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    You set offset values into the control for each tool number so it knows how to compensate the machine. You can set the values manually or via a tool touch/probe.

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    I suspect a tool change on a 3D printer might be quite a bit more difficult, unless I'm missing something.

    Edit: When you put the tool in the spindle you set the length. Missed the "set length" bit.
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    Simon, new skin looks great.

    Somewhat on topic, but spurred by Simon's comment about Mike Wood being the pioneer of spool valves in paintball. Did the novas pre-date the automag? I don't know the time line of things like the equalizer either. So, is the nova really the 1st spool?

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    The Automag was before the Nova but I am not sure I class it as a spool valve in the same way as I would the Nova.

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    yeah i think the "first spool" really depends on your definition of what a spool valve is.
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