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Thread: The OT thread V1

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    Alcohol is a trash drug for self moderation generally. It is just such a great social lubricant for the introvert, though.

    I really love being a 240 pound lightweight, a single quality beer of decent strength puts me in a great headspace and feels net-positive. I notice anything beyond 2 drinks the next day, though. Our corporate culture is fairly beer-centric, and we have a few zymurgists on staff, so there's usually good stuff on a Friday afternoon.

    Also I enjoy the anecdote that begins with confidence in your mixology and ends with making a "Manhattan" with dry vermouth and an orange, for some reason. Props for owning it.

    I'd recommend just having a few high quality bottles of whiskey/scotch on hand, sans any adulterant accouterments. It's a super easy neg to hate on cocktails - "that's for children".

    i mean usually a Manhattan has orange peel in it right? i seriously learned everything i know about mixing drinks from the internet, and the recipe i found had orange peel :shrug:

    alcohol is a shit drug for sure. its just so socially accepted and integrated into everything so seamlessly, its hard to get around it honestly.
    social conservatism: the mortal fear that someone, somewhere, might be having fun.

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    I really don't like the smoky taste of scotch, but it's fascinating to read about why it has that character in the article Ryan linked to. If you get the right bourbon, you can avoid the smoky taste and instead have something sweeter and more akin to caramel. My own experience there would be with Bookers by Jim Beam and Elijah Craig by Heaven Hill.

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    i can tolerate gin cocktails, but by and large brown drinks are just like non-starters with me. my brother got heavily into scotches, and kassy and now martina (no relation to the russian spy) are both into bourbon.
    social conservatism: the mortal fear that someone, somewhere, might be having fun.

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