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Thread: The OT thread V1

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    i actually agree with nobody. studios are hurting badly, and seem to be going down a "mega blockbuster or we don't care" route with films. this is a route to certain failure IMO.

    which is fine, because netflix and amazon are making better shit than i've seen in a theater in a long time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
    Apocalypse Now, Logan's Run, Deer Hunter, the China Syndrome, Network, Silent Running, but to name a few. All make you think, but studios don't want that because thinking films aren't blockbusters
    I don't know if you can blame the studios for that.

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    No, i don't know what they think, but looking at what they put out as product it does.

    When you have an infestment of money, as a studion, you have to put it out there, to get people to notice it, to get people coming in to buy the tickets to recoup that costs. That is a studio's job after the film is completed. Promotions, sending out the actors for interviews, tie-ins with product placement (do you think fast food places have movie toys because they like the film?), to get people to go to it.

    So if you have a film that is cerebral, how can you tell people to see it without a tie-in? A movie like Inception, which is a high concept film. And though it had star power and was a visually dynamic, how do you tell someone to go see it?

    A better example is 'Momento'. A fantasic movie, yet how do you tell someone what it is about, why you should go see it, vs even a Christopher Nolan Batman comicbook film? Both movies are great stories, great direction, but both are on 2 totally different plains of thought.

    So, remaking, retelling, copying movies from before is easier and more profrotable. It fits with the plug & play effort of the studio, it is hands off.
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