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Thread: The OT thread V1

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    i realized while packing for my trip out to california this week that there is no "casually" living in minnesota. i think over 80% of the non-work shirts in my closet either have the word Minnesota or the outline of the state on them.

    we really do love our state here.
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    So before Xmas, my gf and I decided to foster a dog. He's a bit big for us to keep, but we started loving him pretty deeply. He's a good boy, a former street dog like our dog Alexa. All rescues have some issues, he's not super great at meeting new people. Alexa isn't either, but she's the type of dog that'll run away instead of defending himself. We had some issues with him on Christmas day, which is fair, considering there were suddenly 7 people he didn't know in his house and he got a little overwhelmed. Especially when one of them is 6'5" and like ~300 lbs. But he's been great with everyone else, and I think part of that is due to us knowing more about introductions with rescue dogs.

    Anyways, a coworker adopted him, who has a very different lifestyle. At first things seemed like they were going well, but last night apparently he either bit or made a motion to bite a stranger to him (Owner's sister). Coworker decided that they couldn't keep him anymore and I'm kind of devastated. Trying to distract myself by just doing my work and doing the tasks that need to be done, but the moment I get to the end of a task/a break in one, I just cant stop thinking about it and how awful I feel about the entire situation.

    Alexa on the left, he's in the middle:

    I hope the rescue org can get him in with a trainer or something, because if I have to foster him again I just might keep him. Only had him for 6 weeks and I'm amazed at how much of an impact he's had on our family.

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    We have 5 dogs (all rescue), and our fifth (Tigger) we like to call our accident since I had drawn a hard line after we got our 4th, our Dane. Tigger was also a failed foster and we wouldn't have it any other way.

    Go get him man. 2 dogs is great and is a piece of cake. You guys love him, you'll train him up and he'll be great.

    Behold, Tigger the accident:

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