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    its pretty wild here. MPD fucked it up big time. they have had it coming for a long time now though, for as long as ive known about cops, ive known the minneapolis police department were the most violent around. i spent some social time with a few st paul cops once, and the stories they'd tell of getting suspects from MPD all roughed up for no reason etc, were pretty wild. they are exactly the gangsters they look like in the video in my experience. basically none of them live in the city, and there is very much a real culture of war on the citizens of minneapolis. esp in north minneapolis these days, but south was the battle ground 10-12 years ago.

    there is a lot of talk about "the community" but the reality is, the cops arnt part of the community. the political leaders, they want change. the people, they want change, but somehow neither has the power to change it. and rioting is an act of the powerless and voiceless. because the cops are gangsters, same as what happened in baltimore a few years ago, where they threatened to strike because one of there own murdered a guy. in what profession is this even remotely ok? imagine, a bad engineer designing a bridge, that collapses, kills a bunch of people, and then engineers across the country GOING ON STRIKE, to get that guy a job AS AN ENGINEER again. its absurd. the cops are gangsters and lose ANY kind of moral high ground or "only a few bad apples" argument the second they respond like that. if you dont have equal measure for cops who break the law as anyone else who does, you lose any kind of "few bad apples" argument.

    the cops arnt part of the community, thats the reality. so any talk of community coming together ... thats insane. the cops arnt ever going to back down. the only method forward i see is continuing to isolate the police. the U of M yesterday stated they would not work with the MPD for security or other contracts. i think we need to see more of that. rumor was/is the st paul cops said they would only help in minneapolis with the riots by protecting the fire department. we very much need to make this a MPD problem, and further isolation might actually work. MPD absolutely needs to feel the fear if there is going to be any change.

    i think until hes arrested its gonna be kind of a rolling riot here.

    and if hes not convicted, holy shit, its gonna be bad.
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    its a very strange feeling. the rioting looting is already this afternoon, its not even 5pm here, its violent, and there are patches that are within 10 blocks of my house.

    its a very strange feeling. i am scared. it is different watching a live feed of another city's riots, to have it happen so close to your house. im scared of the protesters/rioters, but im also very scared of the police. im not really mad at either, i get that the riot cops are just trying to maintain order and that probably includes some level of violence, and that the protesters/rioters actions are also understandable. years of peaceful protests unanswered, no changes. but no one wins a riot. there are only losers in the morning.

    wouldn't it be great if all those years, decades even, of peaceful protests had been listened to? why are we in a no-win scenario? no one will come out of tonight better than they entered it. its almost like fate. you suppress the power of the minority for so long, you dont help, you dont listen, you dont change, you dont improve, when its possible to keep it peaceful, make it easy, its inevitable at that point to get here. why does it have to be so hard? why do those in power not understand?
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    this is just serving as my blog of my experience in the frey here.

    its so interesting. the police understand power. they know when they have it, how they can use it etc. and after last night .... im just like ... bro's you lost it.

    the cops, they seem so powerful. the organization, the uniforms, the armor, the equipment ... like a line of cops seems like a super powerful thing. but then that power melts so quickly. last night, while a black CNN reporter was REPORTING LIVE ON TV ... the MN state patrol arrested him. like, yes, this is illegal. yes, its wrong. yeah its troubling that the cops are clearly targeting members of the press. these are problems. but there is a worse problem even than all that ... it was just dumb. the just gross incompetence of it, those cops, they are just ... dumb. all that pageantry of power, all the legal mandates in the world, all the weapons ... and you do something so grossly stupid.

    another example came out last night. there is a convoy of 3 police cars driving though an intersection downtown. intersection isn't full of people, mostly just folks milling around on the sidewalks, nothing is being blocked, and the cop cars are driving through. the first two cars drive through, no issues, no one does anything, throws anything, even tries to block there path, there is no one even yelling at them ... and then the third car, as its driving buy, the driver just shoots pepper spray out the drivers side window.

    i can't even.

    to watch the power of the police literally melt with stupidity is just ... wild. its kind of surreal.

    this one is worth an even further dive.

    1. has this cop every sprayed, spit, or thrown anything out the window of a car before? cause all you did when you decided to spray pepper spray out the window ... was cover your own car in pepper-spray. you fuckign moron. all you just did there, was coat the side of your car in pepper spray. have fun with that one bro.
    2. the supposed targets, were just people milling about. the first two cars encountered no resistance, not even someone yelling at them. literally just people walking on the sidewalk. and yah tried (and failed) to pepper-spray them.


    i think even worse than the cops murdered a guy, even worse that 40% of police have ADMITTED they beat there wives, even worse than all that .... the police ... are just dumb.

    they are just dumb. bad that there jobs.

    and really, thats ok, or should be. i'd be a bad cop too (ok maybe not arrest a CNN report live on tv bad, but i would not make a good cop). but you know what ... im not cop, precisely because i'd be terrible at it. these folks, in any other career, would have been drummed out decades ago for simply not being good at the jobs. not even a "bad cop" as in legal issues, just like, a bad cop as in being not good at what you do. your just not good at it. and thats ok. its time to put down the pageantry, and do something else. you are not good at your job.

    even a cat knows when its done something stupid and is being mocked for it.
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    The sad thing is, if what you are saying is true, that the rioting, would be just, but yet it will be looked down upon for being unruly people that need to be corralled, to be oppressed. Then any rioting would be used against them in the court of public opinion for how wrong the police were. The rioting only hurts the truth & the innocent. If the police are also vigilantes with badges, then it will only bring down the fair and innocent(or more processly, law abiding) police down across the country. Call me naive, but police should be those the uphold the law, not to brandish punishments for anything. As much as murderers, rapists, molesters might deserve to be knocked around, they are also people.

    I would never imagine the powder keg, ready to errupt would be in Minnesota. But like so many other things, it just represents the idea of the worst always happening where you least expect it.

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    the police have been shown now to be totally useless.

    they didnt protect the city from the nazis, we did. they didnt stop the instigators from burning things down last night ... we did. they didnt collect and give first aid, food, supplies, and even safe places for those caught in the cross fire ... WE DID. we got that shit done, neighbors, friends, the community, we did all that. thousands every morning come out and clean up the streets (with protest signs), thousands still donating supplies, food, safety gear etc, organized on the internet without anyone elses help. thousand volunteering to form human shields around local businesses against the nazis. we did that.

    they arnt protecting our property. they arnt making us safer. they arnt responding the 911 calls.

    no literally, the police are no longer responding to 911 calls.

    and the city is under attack from nazis, and doing fine without the police, thank you very much.

    we were all scared of the nazis last night, ill admit it. i was scared, watching them drive into the city in there unplated trucks. saw dozens of em. but no one folds like a paper tiger in real life quite like the boogaloo fuckers. when the rubber meets the road, the boogaloo folds like the wanna-bees they are. a bunch of unarmed liberals kept everyone safe AND protested the police while we did it AND got shot by the polices rubber bullets while we did that.

    the irony of the police being not just stupid, bullying, murderers, but utterly incompetent even at the most basic parts of there job, has this bleeding heart liberal considering anarchy as a realistic solution. with the police force actively getting in our way, we held our own against the nazis. 2020 is fucking that wild.

    oh, and this organization, donation and distribution was done in the middle of pandemic, observing social distancing. cause know know, thats still a thing.
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    taking the day off to go help rebuild/clean up and protest.
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    yeah today was interesting. spend the day working at a community organized food shelf. because the looters have targeted grocery stores, most city grocery stores have closed. and the transit system is shut down to stop people moving around the city, so many folks are basically left without a way to get food. donations were pouring in though, even faster than they were going out the front. lots of work being done. all in masks. we also were organizing and sending out supplies, as well as building materials. the theater community knows how to get shit done, and had sent out a half dozen teams to work on boarding up and fortifying local businesses, so we were loading plywood, and construction materials. lots of trucks moving in and out, made a run in my truck too.

    ran into a team of cops who i think were checking places out for stashes of gasoline and other thing. my truck was pretty clearly showing BLM protest materials, and we made eye contact. cops looked tired. they didnt approach us. also saw the army (not national guard), i can see why they are calming force, they look adorable. no really, they are look like they are 16 years old wearing grandpas old uniform and its 2 sizes too big for them. they looked scared shitless when i made eye contact with one.

    violence and looting is way down though, the nazis seemed to have moved out cause they got so fucking wrecked over the weekend (did see at least one matte truck with no plates parked, so they are still around).

    its very interesting. basically in the last 2 months, civilization has crumbled twice now. this time, into true anarchy. and the right wing fantasy, guns and ammo, the rambo story, the notion of the loan prepared and equipped man taking the chaos on himself and winning, has been shown to be utterly useless for everyone. i mean i always knew this fantasy was 1. the thoughts of sociopaths, and 2. would never come about anyway, but i have to admit i didn't realize why it would never come about. now that i've seen it twice, and this time even more clearly than the last time, i see why it will never happen.

    because when law and order disintegrated, it wasn't a free for all, it wasn't the purge. no, when the law and order that existed previously crumbled, we made our own. the skills and humans most valuable in the anarchy wasn't the guy with 5 years of 5.56 NATO, and buckets of dehydrated food. it was the neighbor who compiled a list of everyone's numbers, and organized the neighborhood watch. it was the gay as fuck theater community that showed up and boarded up the buildings, with all there own building equipment, trucks, saws etc. its the community makers, the organizers, and the leaders, who showed up, communicated, and organized a new law and order. its the unarmed folks who protect local businesses at night. the loan wolf fantasy, is absurd. communities. compassion. teams. civilization.

    the right has no solutions to any of our problems. the only way forward is to be better team players, better communicators, and find the strength that lies in coming together. when it all failed, it wasn't guns, it wasn't mad max, it was compassion, teams, community and working together. not even the police can deal with it. as i said before, they continue to be utterly useless, literally, without a purpose. they move alone, doing whatever is important to them, but nothing to help anyone.

    even on the protest front, it was unarmed liberals who burned the 3rd precinct down. so even at "standing up to the man" the nazis had nothing on us. bunch of useless fuckers. can't even run a better boogaloo than liberals.
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    I had a very similar experience in Baltimore with the Freddie Gray uprising.

    Once you see it, you really can?t unsee it - a huge portion of cops are the 3rd grade bullies who never developed much past that point. And right now they?re all jacked up by the toddler in the white house telephoning threats from his bunker. It?s pretty clear nobody?s actually in charge of anything right now.

    All the John Galt bullshit has always been just that.
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    the armed protesters who showed up over the weekend promptly got fucked. while some might argue that the police or national guard is who did it, it wasn't. there wasnt a battle with them, the community just forced them out. we knew what to look for, and we just pushed them out. make them uncomfortable, took away there bases of support, and made them know we'd end em, and that there are thousands more of us, then them. armed protest was totally ineffective. probably because armed protest is using the language and the tools of the police. and frankly, they are better at it. thats exactly how the cops would like us to attack them, because they know exactly how to respond to that. the way our protest has been sustaining and effective has been to marginalize the cops. we just make it known that they are without a reason. we dont trust em, we dont call them, we just go on living as if they didnt exist. they are not here to protect anything, they are not here to protect anyone. we have made being a cop a fundamentally uncomfortable and undesirable thing to be.

    its basically now not a battle between cops and protesters. its a battle between the community, and the outsiders (cops and nazis). and the community is winning.

    the 2nd amendment folks were totally ineffective, way less safe, and didnt amount to anything. i say this as a gun owner. i have never once, in the last week, wished i had my gun with me. as a method of political and social change, it is utterly useless. even as a method of personal safety ... its useless.
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    FFS, take it to the OT:Politics thread. You've already got a personal blog space there anyway.

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