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Thread: The OT thread V1

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    Got to play this weekend - in the crazy toronto snow. Took me ~2 hours to drive what should have been 40 mins.

    Got up close and personal with an i5 - how the hell did Dye make the lens retention system WORSE than the i4? I could barely release the clips to get the lens out; needed a car key to push in one of the pieces... and I don't exactly have sausage fingers.

    Last rec place I played at gave me shit for shooting too fast, using my mini and broken (at the time) Prophecy - Thank you Simon for the rip wheel - so I turned my Karni into mech. Had a riot, kept hitting myself with the backblock. Built it real quick at like midnight the night before, leaked like a sieve but dgaf, had too much fun.

    So I guess that's OT OT?

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    OT OT is OT.

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