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Thread: The OT thread V1

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    Quote Originally Posted by PBSteve View Post
    So the whole idea is that it doesn't actually diesel.

    As Lurker mentioned, it's direct injection. It's my understanding that when you try to get gasoline to diesel, it's too unstable (as you mentioned). You also need a much leaner mix than you would in a normal ICE engine, so you can't just fall back on spark plugs to reliably ignite the mix at the right time.

    So what they do is run a really lean mix as if they were going to diesel, but then instead of relying on auto-ignition, they squirt just a bit of extra gas in the cylinder at compression and ignite it with the spark plug as it comes out to ignite the whole cylinder.

    Someone correct me if any of that is wrong, I don't know a whole lot about it but that's what I've gleaned from articles. Seems like all you really need to worry about is having a suitably high-pressure injection system.
    A coworker of mine researched compression ignition for a while. He was using natural gas, but said they played around with other stuff.

    From what he's explained on top of the articles I've read, that seems to be what's happening. Bring it not quite to a CI state & use the remaining fuel & spark to set off the rest of it.

    Super excited about the Corvette. Seems like it'll be so capable.

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    social conservatism: the mortal fear that someone, somewhere, might be having fun.

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    interesting link:

    how has he not figured out that the game isn't about fucking?

    i feel like a lot of folks were sold this bag of good about life and sex, and are realizing that it was bullshit. i remember when i lost my virginity, my actual thoughts after it happened was "ah, really? thats it? this is what everyone is making a fuss about? this is really what everyone is always going on and on about?" the farther i go in life the more obvious it is that sex just isn't the motivator for almost any of my life. after i ended my college/high school relationship i spent a few years in awe of how easy it was to have sex, esp with the dating apps. but i learned pretty quickly how that isn't really an interesting game. and the game has only gotten easier as i've gotten older. dating in your 30s is like "yeah, you seem pretty cool, lets see whats under the hood" and everything is even easier in terms of getting sex.

    its because what we're actually chasing isn't sex, its companionship, acceptance and peace. those are much harder things to chase. and you will never find them chasing sex.
    social conservatism: the mortal fear that someone, somewhere, might be having fun.

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    realized it was in the wrong thread:

    bought a drifting miata for conversion into a mad max/burning man/off road car. already has a welded diff, will receive a lift kit, cut the fender for 31 inch off road tires, big alternator and AC converter for sound system, propane tanks for roll bar mounted poofers ... you know, things.
    social conservatism: the mortal fear that someone, somewhere, might be having fun.

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    mclaren to feild a full indy season, and continue to get there asses kicked by american teams:
    social conservatism: the mortal fear that someone, somewhere, might be having fun.

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    NYC is starting to build a sea wall around lower Manhattan. Was just at a conference about bidding the project and they are expecting storm surges to rise by 9' over the next 80 years and the mean sea level to rise 3'. Kind of crazy to realize that within our lifetimes ny is going to be fully walled. Kind of cool that they are building most of it into parks though.

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