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Thread: The OT thread V1

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    Yikes, I'm not the litigious type but when house sized money is involved it might be a good idea to get a lawyer involved. Did you have a 3rd party inspector in to look for mold/rot/foundation damage?
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    We have lawyers involved.. our real estate lawyer. The sellers side takes forever and their lawyer is uncooperative. We threatened to take them to small claims and that lit a fire under their asses...

    Took a week to get them to take their crap (mostly) out - when we mentioned small claims they were here next day. Now just to work through the appliances.

    We knew about the door issues... Kind of. Knew there were issues, but nobody could have known the extent of the problem without taking it apart. My dad works for a plumbing & HVAC company basically as their general contractor. He did the inspection, pointed out the door and some other issues.

    It's a semi-detached place, so think townhouse. They're all foundationally one building, and all actually solid. No water or any foundational issues

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