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    What is the word? Are these ever going to be available? - Home of the bad, bad automag people.

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    What is? Empty promises, dreams, that little something you can't put a name on?

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    I have one working so I am not exactly sure why you think it is empty promises and dreams

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    Ummm because the rest of us don't have one? We were told they were "production ready" over a year ago...

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    I'm thinking his new job/move/career have probably taken over for now. He wasn't super active as it was, sounds like he's taken on way more responsibilities at work (from rereading his old posts on the matter) so I'm hoping he pops up soon.
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    Simon Stevens said that will be totally fine and nothing bad could ever happen. Ever.

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    No pre-order money given, no problem in my book. All the best to Curt....

    ......but I'd love the option to buy a board

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