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Thread: Razor Pump Build!

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    Razor Pump Build!

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    If you want a Belsales frame, be prepared to pay $200+ for it.

    However, the Niche paintball 86 sliders look great, and I would expect them to perform well too.

    CCM are known for making damn good stuff, consistently. Anything and everything they do is good.

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    Keep in mind if you want auto-trigger the CCM frame is pretty much your only option. GAT makes an A/T kit for slider frames but personally I don't really like, feels kind of clunky.

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    On going to bump this because I just finished my build with a niche paintball 86* slider frame. That is one nice frame. It feels really good in the hand and is super smooth. I also have a full body FLE with a CCM 86* frame and that is an awesome frame to. I would just say pick which ever style (slider or hinge) your most comfortable with and buy a CCM or Niche paintball frame. Can't go wrong with either.

    EDIT: I almost forgot, the niche frames are shipping with a new trigger plate that works with the GAT auto trigger kit. I have it set up on my gun. The cam is a little tight but I polished it with a dremel and its smooth now.
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