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Thread: Identifying Threads on a Bolt

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    Identifying Threads on a Bolt

    Can anyone direct me to a guide or a good youtube video that teaches you how to identify threads? I am having trouble finding a universal process.


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    I use a caliper on the major and one of these and am usually pretty close:

    Most of what you're doing with the slambolt is threaded based on your call-out, so as long as that matches you are fine. The rear thread on the matrix is fairly coarse, so you probably have a little slop.

    This thread has also been helpful to me in the past:

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    I think this will help too:

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    You need 2 things to identify a straight external UN thread. Major diameter and thread pitch. For fine threads found in paintball the major diameter can just be taken from the outside of the bolt using the wide portion of the calipers.

    The incorrect way to measure pitch that I use all the time is along these lines (using calipers):

    You have to be careful to measure from and to the same "part" of the thread. In the image above it's the right side of the crest to the right side of the crest. The more threads you can get the more accurate this will be, although if you're counting more than say... a half inch of threads you're probably going overboard.

    The shender4 website new ion? linked is good, and it's where I started, but efunda is a bit more technical - or if you plan on doing a bit of this work, the machinists handbook is a good reference to just have. An older used version (read:cheaper) would be fine, since the simpler operations we do for paintball don't change much.
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