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Thread: Arduino Autococker board

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    just saying but if you need someone to test those suckers out id gladly put one through its paces...

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    Lots of tweaks made and several errors discovered and rectified.

    Optical Switch

    Micro Switch Daughter Board

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    And the render

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    Awesome stuff. I just wish the E-blade frames fit my hands better.

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    Agreed, they are not optimal... but they are plentiful.

    BUT if SOMEONE was to machine a gripframe to HIS liking with a pocket for a clapper/sear I'm sure I could get a board to fit in it... Just saying...

    Also.. The cocker community is in dire need of a mechanical single trigger hinge frame. Just saw a Dye one sell of Ebay for $200 (Hint, Hint)

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    Good day all, stumbled across this amazing project and struggling to follow the timeline, super interested in continuing the hard work put in and thank all involved, can someone get at me who was involved, have many resources available and would like to make some boards

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