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Thread: New tiny gopro, way better for Paintball.

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    Better camera may well be subjective, but the Cube+ has crazy aliasing in low light. We tried one as a smaller GoPro alternative, seeing as the project we were working on at the time was a web delivery with only a 720p master, but the Cube+ gave us such bad results on set we ditched it really early. In bright sunlight, the Cube+ will be as good as the Hero 4 Session I think, but having not tested, I can't say for sure.

    I'm very interested how the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera (BMMCC - they need a better naming system) will turn out. The fact that it has a global shutter excites me a bit, but I have yet to find a good MFT lens that I'd be willing to put in a crash cam situation. Anyone have any recommendations?

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    a nice cheap alternative to the session is the Polaroid cube + (has wifi and better camera) only $150! Looks like gopro copied the original cube with the session anyway!

    Would be nicer to have some more mounts available for it though
    Been using a Cube since before their release last fall. Will agree in low light is does not meet any GoPro standards but seriously was impressed with the Underwater ability of the Cube going directly against the GOPro. It deals with underwater light much better than the GoPro.

    I will try to do a mash up of paintball videos from the CUBE and also throw together a underwater video so folks can see.

    Here is a pump practice from CFP last season before Cup.

    A short clip from Simon's booth at Cup
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