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Thread: PE Etek 2 Star Frame

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    PE Etek 2 Star Frame

    Does anyone have a CAD model of an etek 2 star frame? I'm using one for my project gun and it would be a real help to me.



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    I don't know of any CAD model, but I remember seeing some tutorials on the PbN Shocker forum showing the frame up against and next to an SFT body. You can get a CAD model of the SFT body from zdspb and then sort of infer some dimensions.

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    zdspb has a 05 ego frame it will get you close

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    Not really, They're quite different. I've had both...

    OP what dims are critical? I might be able to help out

    edit - I currently have the star frame. I've modified it so I can't get some stock dims, but I should be able to get you started at least.

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