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Thread: Nocturnal AM/MM rails

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    Nocturnal AM/MM rails

    Nocturnal AM/MM length rails

    I have been toiling away in secret for the last couple of weeks getting these finished up. Not a big fan of the whole pre-order/hype then failure system, so I figured I would just make these then sell them after they were done (crazy I know).

    I have made 18 of these total, not certain if I will ever make more than that. We will just have to wait and see what the future holds based on my experience with this sale and my circumstances in the future.

    These are NOT the same as my Armada V2 rail (found on this). The surfaces are distributed VERY similarly, however I completely remodeled each side surface and significantly changed the layout of my rear most side surface to undercut the valve more aggressively.

    These are machined from authentic AGD classic AM/MM rails, what is old is new again, maintaining the bloodline of authentic AGD parts with some serious years played in the sport.

    As seen in the pictures and from my previous work, these rails are designed around the ULE style bodies (tube style).

    Also, as a disclaimer, I only mention that these are AM/MM length to avoid confusion for customers, I am NOT implying that I will ever make any other length or style of rail for the Automag.

    There are 18 made in total, however 3 of them are already spoken for. Therefore I will only be selling 15. I am selling these on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. There are six rails that have dual back bottle asa holes under the valve area. I will be saving these rails for the last six orders, so if you want to make sure you get a rail without the two holes under the valve area, make sure you order yours before the first 9 people.

    The price for each rail is $100+shipping/fees, paypal only, limit 1 per customer. Rails will ship with the surface finish pictured, they have been media blasted after machining to remove the majority of the original ano, then hand deburred and tumbled extensively to remove the bulk of the toolmarks.

    EDIT: ALL SOLD!!!!!

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