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Thread: Re hydro - 3 times or 20 yrs?

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    Re hydro - 3 times or 20 yrs?

    Quick question - is the rehydro limit 3 times or 20 years past manufacture?

    Long story short, got a 5 yr crossfire tank rehydroed 2-3 years ago, and without my knowledge a friend grabbed my tank and took it for testing (I said all the tanks were fine... But noooooo) and had it retested because the tech was adamant it was a 3 year tank. So I'm just curious if I lost some use of my tank or not.


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    Whichever is earlier, I believe.
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    two rehydros or 15 years total from date of manufacture, some older tanks that are about to expire are 3 year tanks and some are marked 3 year but have been exempted for 5 year cycles

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