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Thread: Paintball Mass Study

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    Paintball Mass Study

    It's been a while since I did this and a recent topic on Facebook made me want to go through and do it again. With a little help we should be able to get a good sampling from around the country.

    I'd like to see how much paintball's weigh nowadays. That goes for all types and brands from rec to tournament.

    Here's the plan for everyone

    1) Carefully count out 100 paintballs of the same type
    2) Weight the count of 100. Divide by 100 for average individual weight.
    3) Post that information along with the brand, location of manufacture, batch number (and any other relevant information from the box). A photo of the paint at the box would be awesome if possible too

    Then it will be interesting to compare them

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    Might also want to note where it came into the posters possession as well.

    I'll try and put together what I've got when I gain a little bit of free time. I've got some excellent scales and quite a selection of product on hand.

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    Also might be worth noting any estimates on time and storage, i.e. about when it was purchased, if the poster knows whether or not it was stored in A/C before and after purchase, etc.
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