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Thread: First time on this forum. Where should I go?

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    First time on this forum. Where should I go?

    First time on Inception. I was suggested to come here from M.Carter Brown. I am developing my own marker and was wondering if there was a spot to post that sort of thing here. Do I need to pay to get to that forum area?

    This is my post from M. Carter.

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    You don't need to pay anything. There is an insiders section here, all that is required to access that section is to make a post here:!

    To get access to the "Simonized" insider group please introduce yourself. You must include a first name and a photo that would allow you to be recognised if we meet up at an event. You can only see other people's introductions once you become an insider.
    If you don't care about keeping your designs in the private forum, you are more than welcome to post a thread in the regular sections here.
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    There are some astoundingly knowledgeable about paintball engineering people on here. Introduce yourself by posting in the area as described above then pick a sub-forum based on whether it is a secret, open source, public but proprietary, etc and start posting about it.

    Good luck and welcome.

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