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Thread: My FN303 set up for paintball...

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    I minght be beating a horse around here but if youre designing a body kit for the 303 why not take it a step further and just design a shell that will take a regular automag valve and a 303 mag?

    your market then moves out of just the 303 owners and anyone can put one together that has a spare valve laying around.

    (also make the FPS adjustable without taking the gun apart)

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    Its a thought. A good one. But first comes modifiying the FN's we have. Its a personal project at this point.

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    not hard, I've cut open a valve before if you want me to do it

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    I just dont know the size of the spacers you need to insert to get it down to the correct volume.

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    Lots. It was way more than I expected.

    The chamber seems almost full... but the result has been amazing and is extremely consistent so I am not messing with anything

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    cna you post specs on what's in yours? I have one I'm converting for a friend. I was going to trial and error it until I could get it to chrono correctly but if I can get it on the first try that would be GREAT!

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    I just made spacers to fit the internal bore, with a hole down the middle, and then in 0.5, 0.25, and 0.1" lengths and then put them in until velocity was correct. That will depend on your barrel etc. too. I put in way more than I expected, so I would probably fill the chamber 75% and then work from there. It's been a long time since I did it so I don't recall the inside hole diameter

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    ok, if you happen to have it apart measure it for me. but its a good place to start

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    Might have already seen this, but here's pretty good step by step with pictures.

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