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Thread: Old Magazines

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    Old Magazines


    I am helping with the planning of the 25th annviersary game of the oldest still running paintball field in the province which will be next year. The owner would like to track down some articles about his field that appeared in Action Pursuit Games in the lat 1990's as part of a display for the silver anniversary game. If anyone here can help with this effort it would be much appreciated if you could do so.

    Problem is no one can recall when exactly the articles were published.

    If anyone can cite resources to help track them down, or has old issues and can even narrow down what months are not what we are looking for that would help. If you happen to have what we are looking for and can scan it or photocopy it and send it that obviously be terrific.

    What we know is that there were two articles in Action Pursuit Games about a field called SNL Paintball and written by Greg MacKenzie (no relation). They appeared in either 1997, 1998 or 1999.

    Any help appreciated.

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    I'll check my collection. I should have those issues.

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    Well of the issues I have I was unable to find any reference to the articles or author you mentioned. I leafed through every page. (It brought back a lot of great memories)
    Sorry I didn't find anything but my list should help to narrow your search.

    The issues I have are
    1997 - Sept, Nov, Dec
    1998 - Jan -> Mar, May -> Dec
    1999 - Jan -> Dec

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    You could always try and contact the original author of the article and see if he has at least the written part of it.

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    I know Simon has a huge pile of really old school ones from the late 80's and early 90's iirc, they were just collecting dust last I checked

    could always ask him
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    Is this for Gary? Tell him Adam say's Hi if so. Have not seen him since the mid 2000's
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    ThisISPaintball; The articles are for Vic MarFarlane. If you mean Gary MacKenzie in Debert no, but I see Gary sometimes, so I will say hi if you like.

    Dirty Engineer, thank you for doing that. Narrowing it down actually helps. Thank you very much for your effort.

    ElPanda; I assume he would be pretty busy for something like this but worth asking, thanks for the suggestion.

    Nobody, did not think of that. But for unrelated reasons we were talking about him recently. Getting nostalgic and telling paint war stories and the author of these articles was the main focus of one story. I asked about him and no one has seen him in years or knows what happened to him.

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    Journalists tend to move around, so either being freelance or going to where the magazine is based isthe norm for them. I would do a goodle search for him and what recent articles he has published for then trying to track him through those publications, if he's still writing that is.

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