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Thread: The new GTR from Inception Designs

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    The new GTR from Inception Designs

    Introducing the new Gentle Touch Ram or "GTR", probably the greatest Autococker ram ever made! It's simply brilliant! (my wife made me say that).

    This is the high end fully re-buildable ram that will work on all new and old school autocockers. Check out the feature list!

    * Extra Large ram shaft with a 44% increase in cross sectional area of the ram shaft (reducing the area that the closing gas pressure can work on) when compared to our previous ram for the gentlest forward stroke possible whilst still retaining a strong rear stroke for reliable cocking and performance. The larger shaft reduces the surface area that the gas pressure works on meaning the force forwards is less making the gun shoot smoother and making it more likely that the ram will stop and pinch any paintballs caught by the bolt rather than chopping them.

    * Reduced rear volume so the gas can be exhausted faster allowing the piston to move back sooner providing faster cycle times.

    * Reduced ram forward force at any given LPR pressure means the application of gas pressure to the front of the ram actually overcomes the pressure holding the ram closed faster so the ram starts moving back quicker also, which again helps provide faster cycling times.

    * Extra large ram shaft resists bending

    * Ram shaft flats and shoulder allows you to screw the pump arm up to the shoulder for the perfect fit. It makes the joint stronger, the ram shaft less likely to bend and the finished result once installed looks almost seamless. In conjunction with our pump arms and the cross drilled "idiot hole" this makes it super easy to install without leaving idiot marks on the pump arm or the ram shaft. Fine tuning the length can be achieved with readily available shims and by adjusting the back block position on the threaded shaft.

    * Rear ram body made from stronger aerospace aluminum to resist damage or flexing.

    * Front ram body includes "hidden" allen key hole for extremely easy disassembly using a 3/16 allen key. No more tools on the outside messing up the anodized finish. Allows for a clean and sleek body design.

    * Standard 10-32 barbs included with flats on the ram body for a better seal.

    * Fully rebuildable using standard o-rings and Inception ram bumpers. O-ring and bumpers available separately.

    *Available now in gloss black from your favourite Inception Designs source.

    Now for the photo's... Click on the photo's (twice) for higher resolution images.

    The front of the ram has a 3/16 hole for an allen key to make it easy to take apart without marring the outside anodized finish.

    We have 3.5mm wrench flats on the oversized ram shaft for an adjustable wrench, RC car wrench or bike spoke wrench to make holding the shaft easy for installation.

    The hose barbs are standard 10-32 and install against a flat surface for better sealing.

    This photo shows how seamlessly the ram tightens up against our new "Idiot Proof" pump arms with the "idiot hole" to stop you getting marks on the parts from the bad use of tools on installation

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    Pictures of the prototypes from field testing (this is before some of the final production tweaks like the rear shoulder on the shaft). This is Kyle Poynter from Vigilante's personal gun and includes the prototypes for many of the latest parts we have just released (and are about to release for that matter )

    As always, click twice on the photo's for higher resolution images.

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    This is so good.

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    That ram has been needed for a long time. Good on ya for doing it!
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    We will see about that "idiot proof" concept.

    Soon. time for more shopping.

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    Poor Simon spending all that effort indexing threads so we can have awesome Rams...
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    Quote Originally Posted by PBSteve View Post
    Poor Simon spending all that effort indexing threads so we can have awesome Rams...
    When you buy them Simon will be poor no more

    You need a new set of pneumatics, you need a ID cocker or Resurrection. They make great christmas gifts...

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