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Thread: Failure rates and analysis for rented full auto weapons

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    Failure rates and analysis for rented full auto weapons

    Thought this was interesting for this group
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    not surprised at all that the stamped receivers are holding up better than the machined ones
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    shocked me to find out that the f1 engine blocks are still sand cast. they are final machined, but i would have though that they were machined from billet. its strange that often the cheapest method of production is the best method of production. fine engineering is always simple, reliable, cheap, and good-enough. it is very rarely expensive, complex, unreliable, and perfect. and i say this as an engineer who does micron and submicron work all day every day. we do back of the napkin calculations, and holding up our thumbs and saying "good enough" the same as anyone else, we just have more digits between the decimal place than most folks.
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