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Thread: Paintball at X-Games. What needs to happen?

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    Paintball at X-Games. What needs to happen?

    watching Winter X and had a thought. it's been discussed since almost the invention of the games that paintball should be included.

    I agree.
    my ideas:
    Game format: 5-man hang the flag, single elim, first to 5, 90 sec point, . 2000 rd max/player, capped at 13 bps.

    3 4 1 for obvious playing on, 2 4 1 any other penalty.

    anyone can enter, have a play in tourney month or so before, top 16 teams.

    3 zones on either side of 50, if no flag is hug team with person furthest up field gets point.

    live feeds from gopros and rough estimates of paint remaining.

    time limit and point for farthest upfield keep games moving forward and exciting.

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    The X-games is a product marketing platform, unless something changes that somehow makes paintball interesting for TV, you're pissing into the wind.
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    The main problem is that the x games is for extreme sports. Paintball is not extreme by any stretch, no matter how it's advertised. It doesn't meet any reasonable definition of an extreme sport. It is to fmx what chess is to football.

    At the very least we'd need something more watchable, with a live flag or focal point rather than purely elimination based. Live barrel cams on every player would be an absolute *minimum* along with full audio.

    There is no will in paintball to make any of that happen, and most folks don't believe it can be done.

    I believe it could be done, but only if someone with a billion dollars, no desire to break even, and no regard whatsoever for the stated desires of existing players came along and forced it to happen.

    That last part is the key. To make paintball great again, the backers would need to realise that the current crop of players are asking for "a faster horse." We need a car.
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    In terms of how to make paintball more viewable and appealing to a wider audience, your suggestions of using a live flag or focal point, as well as barrel-mounted cameras and full audio of the players could enhance the spectator experience. These innovations could make the game more exciting and enjoyable for spectators, similar to how technology has improved the lighting and excitement in other sports. It's especially exciting to be at and if you have friends there, it's a lot of fun). You mentioned that there is a lack of willingness in the paintball community to embrace these changes, and they may require a significant financial investment and a new way of looking at things. If a major sponsor with significant resources and a vision to transform paintball comes along, they could make significant changes and raise the popularity of paintball.
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