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Thread: Inception Designs pump kits.... ;)

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    Inception Designs pump kits.... ;)

    So we released our Pump Kits, along with a load of other stuff at PBE

    We planned the pump kits with common pump parts that then fit 2K+, Empire Resurrection/Sniper/ & Karnivorr, or Mini/ER/Retro Series guns just by picking the mounting block and pump arm needed for your specific gun. Full bolt length and Mid Block pump arms will be available.

    I'm also open sourcing the file for the pump handle so people can make whatever they like. We intentionally made the pump handle non-critical with the bushings in the rear pump plate so you can have functional printed parts and even pretty sloppy fits (as long as you are oversize) and everything will still work beautifully. The pump handle is bolted to the pump plate via two #10-24 bolts. You would either need to tap the printed part, or design in nut slots and use normal nuts to bolt down to.

    I am hopping some of the insiders can make something cool so we can show photo's or maybe even samples at release and at our PBE booth.

    File should be attached below as an IGES.

    Please post pictures and let everyone know if you are open to taking on design work for other people. Thanks!
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    Happy dance! Looking forward to this one for sure, along with the mountain of other Inception goodies coming.

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    Neat! Is it possible to get the pump handle saved as a STEP or Parasolid format? Solidworks drops several of the surfaces when opening this file in IGS format.

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    Sweet, well glad that FLE build was never finished so this seems to be the logical pump option.
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    Thank you Simon. Another request. Is there an "INCEPTION" vector image (svg) I could use to wrap along the pump handle?

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    Good stuff, Simon. Thank you for the STL file, just what I need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Engineer View Post
    Thank you Simon. Another request. Is there an "INCEPTION" vector image (svg) I could use to wrap along the pump handle?
    Vector files are here Not sure what other formats I can do from those if they don't work. I am not familiar with SVG. We usually convert the ai to dxf if needed.

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    Played around with simple logo idea. I'll see if I can fire the printer up and give it a go.

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    So the lettering turned out better than I expected. Here a pic of it in process

    Excuse the ringing. I haven't dialed it out of the printer yet. Printing fast in PLA with a 0.2mm layer height, 2 perimeter layers, 25% infill.

    Attached the STL for it.
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