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Thread: Looking for an education in autocockers

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    Quote Originally Posted by going_home View Post
    You couldnt be more wrong Doug.

    When he makes a full marker thats not a pump or cocker I'll likely buy one.

    It was all Empire except one part.

    Good luck with all that rhetoric.

    A firearm doesn't know the difference between heinous murder or righteous revolution. So the same goes with a paintball gun. Though i too had a ban on SP products, it is silly to hold that a used or even a second hand product from them does nothing to support them.

    Though i am not one to follow the pack, the gun is made greater now. It has spurned a resurgence in mech guns and play. A friend designed it, makes products for it, supports it and by using that, it helps grow the sport.

    And by perpetuating your cause does not help those that care less about it. This is a trying to be an informed discussion on a perticular gun from someone that used one and likes it. Just as not everyone likes a mag, the opposite can be said about the cocker & its derivatives.

    So please for everyone's sake, help those that ask questions, or don't.

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    Dan, I have the definitive Autococker manual. I will run off a copy for you - Home of the bad, bad automag people.

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    Thank you, sir!

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    Is this manual in electronic form? If so can I get a copy from somewhere?

    In my day there was one and only one Autococker. Since I came back to paintball I see so much variation with them. I too appreciate you guys posting and educating the likes of Menance and me on back and mid block differences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobody View Post
    So please for everyone's sake, help those that ask questions, or don't.
    He wants to make an informed choice so I gave him the opposite opinion of all the gushing accolades.

    My experience my opinion.

    I enjoy ruffling your feathers Doug, you take it so personal (although you shouldn't at all, and I shouldn't enjoy that).

    I'm not putting Inception Designs or my buddy Simon down at all, I simply don't like the Autococker trigger at all.

    endeavor to persevere.......

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    No worries on the trigger. I actually dry-fired one a few weeks back, and didn't much care for it. While smooth, it felt long and slow, and I figured it could never keep up with a mag. Had I left it at that, I probably wouldn't have given it another thought. But Doug had already generously offered to let me play with it at Polar Bears v. Penguins, so even though I was already shutting down my internal interest clock, I decided to give it a fair shake, just to be sure.

    In play, the thing was simply astonishing. Honestly, it's probably the most satisfying marker, mech or electro, that I've ever shot. Not even sure why. Maybe because the cycle is directly connected to my input, maybe because it requires investment into the process, I don't know.

    Whatever it is, I now get why people like them.

    And as for speed, forget about it. It was plenty fast.

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    So . . .

    Am now torn between going full ID scratch-build or starting with a Ressie and upgrading. Each has something to be said for it.

    But in the process of digging, I've heard from a couple of sources that post-GI models of the Ressie are not held to quite the same QC standards as Empire versions were.

    Can anyone comment on this and, specifically, give some indication as to what (if any) degree this represents a meaningful issue should I go with a standard Ressie as the starting platform?

    Thanks very kindly!

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    From who i have talked to, the QF of the new ones is more that the parts are all there but not necessarily in the best working order. So the gun might be working, firing but not timed the best. I am assuming that all the parts are left over and/or from the same batch. That is not to say that a good eye can't spot a slight defect in a part but the QC might say, 'get all these parts out now', regardless of condition. As well as, the guns might be fine, but the timing will be off as the person putting them together may not know exactly how it ahouod be timed or set up. Its a crap shoot.

    If you scratch build, you will have a sense of completeness, zen beauty that you took this amalgam of parts to a state of shooting glory. More importantly, you will now know where all the parts go, how they all work together and the oneness of doing it all yourself. You know how to time the gun, andhow to get it out of time. That is a emense help.

    Or, because you do not know how to build a can or how a car's engine works, it doesn't mean you don't like to drive a car(or you don't need to know how to cook, to know what you like to eat).You can get a completed gun with, hopefully all the parts that you want and like and go from there. There is no, has been no other gun that has had the aftermarket, the plethora of different parts (good, bad and ugly) than a cocker base. Hell, you have to know the bolt length as they have them in: pre-98, Evo, STO p-block, 2k, not counting half block, midgetted, and micro sizes.

    So, know after figuring out what you can get, how do you want it?

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    It's odd that GI wouldn't continue to use whatever sources for everything that KEE used, including assembly.

    That's what is odd. Seems like reinventing the wheel for no clear good reason.

    As for what is wanted, still not clear on that, but as you well know, I try to leave no stone unturned.

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    GI has done some very odd things: getting rid of good people, successful product lines and the odd direction they are going down. Either they wish to break away from the name and start new or its a crash & burn of the old brand. So I've been told.

    But at least Inception Designs is choosing to build upon the platform and supply these kind of parts to all.

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