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Thread: Inception Designs pump kits - Open Source files and 3D printable files

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    Here is an ergonomic

    A friend of mine started an 3d printer paintball group where you can download anything for 3d.
    Him and I will just uploaded stuff for you guys to print.
    here is one of them. An ergonomic handle... for inception

    The group is 3d printer paintball

    Just wanting to make paintball grow.
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    Dont mean to revive an older thread but I wanted to contribute this pump handle. Its inspired by the Vendetta style handle, but i used the same angled serrations as the ones on the Retro Hornet body.

    STL File:

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Hi everyone!

    As you can see I'm brand spanking new member to these forums! So, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but it does have to do with ID Drift pump kit and 3D printing. I have an idea for a pump handle design. Which person(s) can I contact in order to make this design happen? I guess I'm looking to commission someone. Lol Thanks!!

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    looks like some good designs
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