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Thread: Inception Designs "Pico" 100 round force feed body shell system

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    Inception Designs "Pico" 100 round force feed body shell system

    These files will allow you to use the internals from any Halo B, V35, Empire B, B2, Magna, Invert Halo 2, Empire Scion and similar loaders to create a 100 round capacity force feed loader with quick change batteries and that takes standard speed feeds.

    Here's the video explaining it.

    The files are attached below.

    Please feel free to discuss thoughts and issues in this thread and we will work through it all

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    There are two versions of the files. One with tongue and groove where the body shells come together and one without so if you're RP machine has issues with the detail of the tongue and groove you can run the other files.

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    Awesome concept Simon!

    I like the huge array of pricing it leaves open for options. Able to get out of it whatever you are willing or able to put into it.

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    Brilliant. Now people can dust off the old Halo's they have in their closets and put those engines to use. I foresee very large support from the pump and cocker crowd.

    I've posted this video on CC to let them know of this.

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    Awesome! I was just thinking about making a 50-100rd loader out of halo shells. Fantastic!

    Also, What program did you use?

    I'll talk to you at Living Legends.
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    Simon Stevens said that will be totally fine and nothing bad could ever happen. Ever.

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    Finally, a use for the old Reloader B!

    I will have to try this out.

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    can these be made with a makerbot, or is the plastic not strong enough? for that kind of duty?

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    That's awesome! I was just cleaning house and found a bunch olf Halo B parts, I think I have enough to cobble a few of these together

    Edit: Simon you need a real mic.
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    I know for a fact that ABS is strong enough to serve as a paintball loader.

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    Stuck it on Github, can transfer ownership whenever.

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