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Thread: Some Resurrection dimensions questions

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    Some Resurrection dimensions questions

    All (and especially Simon),

    As with most new markers I've been climbing all over my Ressy with a mic and calipers and have noticed that the walls of the body where the barrel threads in are really thin, going from about .055" on the sides to about .045" on the top.

    Strength is always a big concern for me, so am wondering how strong the body actually is here with such (seemingly) thin material. I can imagine someone taking an accidental core sample with this and it completely tearing out in this area.

    Is this something that just looks spooky, but is really nothing to worry about? Or is it something never to lend to a clumsy player?

    Thanks very kindly!



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    It will be absolutely fine. Cocker bodies have always been like that and I have never heard of anyone damaging one via a core sample.

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    Thank you, sir!

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