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Thread: "Quick Tech" Paintball Tech Videos from Inception Designs

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    "Quick Tech" Paintball Tech Videos from Inception Designs

    We've built our own little studio and are starting a series of videos to help people learn about and work on paintball products (from Inception and other companies).

    Let us know what you want to see in them. I'll be posting them all in this thread also.

    To Start with here's a video showing the most important basic tools, thread lockers/sealers and lubricants that you should have in your tool box.

    How to install (and remove) a clamping feedneck from your paintball gun without risking scratching it or damaging anything

    How to avoid idiot marks on Pump Arms and Cocking rods.

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    I do need to pick up the vibra tite gel and the 545. Those just make sense.

    I would suggest, for tools, a wooden dowel or something non-marring for poking valves or pieces out of the gun as "essential".

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