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Thread: Info for my 1997 Planet Eclipse I.C.E. cocker

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    Info for my 1997 Planet Eclipse I.C.E. cocker

    So I just came across this beauty on a local craigslist like app and I jumped all over it. I know very little about autocockers, esp. this period of them. I've been told the brass 3way and ram are correct but obviously the LPR has been replace and I doubt they were sold with evil Regs lol. But then I saw a comparable version sold recently and it had a different frame and front block.

    So if anyone here *cough* Jack Wood*cough* who has a wealth of knowledge on this marker, please chime in and let me know what this marker is missing from being complete or not period correct.

    Also, I wanted to show this thing off a bit lol.

    Thanks for the info ahead of time!
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    She is a beauty, if you have plans to sell, hit me up.

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    Ok, from what i can tell.

    1) that shroud is dead nuts pre99 in origin. None shark gill or slanted. Looks like custom milling, not WGP factory. Whether PE or not, i do not know.
    2) the barrel, is hard to tell what it is. Eclipse used All Americans in part with their distribution in the US. They did not have the shroud ring on the barrel as the All A's has a large back which the shroud rode on. Depending on what it is, could be after market matched or not.
    3) the back block. I do not know if that had or was capable of using a Euro style beaver tail with that back block. Again, do not know if PE used that style (it was very limited in practice, like full hand/cutlass style trigger guards-think early run WDP IR3s) at all. Any post 99 Eclipses I've always seen with regular beaver tails. My knowledge could be totally off, and PE used that style back block from day 1.
    4) the bolt. PE was the first to really push the venturi or as they called it, the Difuser bolt, i do believe. Could be confusing that with Belsales and their Evo's so not 100% on that. But bolts are easily switched, replaced or lost/replaced.
    5) serial numbers. PE used WGP bodies, and as full bodies the serial number should be passenger side over the vert. That should give an approximate age of the gun, matching the angled feed and cf trigger frame of that era.

    Overall, if it doesn't have the tale-tells, then it might be a parted clone. Taking a PE body but using various pieces (different body, barrel) and having them anno'd to match, or even a "period" correct splash on an Eclipse body bit various personal changes made (changing out the back block, different barrel, etc). Carl would have a good clue about it, you need to stop by and see him.

    Of course Mr. Jack Wood can confirm or deny any of my claims.

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    Even though it held air and cycled beautifully, I'm gonna take her to Carl jr for a Manny and peddy. Thanks for all the info nobody! Looking forward to seeing you around some big games this year!

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    Thank you sir! I'll let you know for sure if I do decide to sell

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    Nice, dude. Jumping on it was the right thing to do. Love to see a little video or photographic recording of it being shot in a game.

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